Tuesday, October 23, 2012


On Tuesdays I typically listen to Marly Birds' Blog Talk Radio Program.  This week I had invited two friends (one a knitter, one a crocheter) to listen to the program.  As I was listening, it occurred to me that Marly and her guest were using acronyms that are well known to some knitters and crocheters, but not likely to the stitchers that I had invited to listen to the program.  There are some odd ones out there and it can be frustrating as you read blogs and listen to programs to try to figure out what these people are talking about.  So, I've made a small list of some of the acronyms that you might hear while at your  LYS (Local Yarn Shop) or when reading a blog or listening to a blogcast or podcast.
Please let me know if you have heard one that you don't know so I can update this list.
For stitch and pattern abbreviations visit the Craft Yarn Council website.
**ATK    Addicted to Knitting
CGOA  Crochet Guild of America

FO   Finished Object

Frog(ging)   Ripping out stitches

KAL   Knit-a-long

LYS   Local Yarn Shop

SABLE  Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

SEFAA  Southeastern Fiber Arts Alliance

TKGA  The Knitting Guild Association

TNNA  The National Needle Arts Association

UFO   Unfinished Object

VK   Vogue Knitting

WIP  Work(s) in Progress

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